5 ways to keep your lawn in perfect condition

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If you have been on a golf-course, you have probably noticed how the grass is miraculously soft and feels too good to walk on. You, as a homeowner, can do some tricks that will help lawn maintenance and yours will have the same qualities. All you need to do is follow five simple rules:

We have a long experience in lawn maintenance.1.Frequent mowing is the secret

If you want to have a green lawn that grows thick, you need to mow it frequently. Make sure you keep the blades of the mower sharp, in order to avoid beat up grass. Otherwise you will have to deal with weeds and disease and you do not want that.

2.Mow only when the lawn is dry

If you mow a wet lawn you will surely compact the soil and that will prevent the roots of the grass from breathing. The result will be a complete disaster – the grass will die and bald spots will appear on your lawn.

3.Good timing is everything when it comes to watering your lawn.

Watering your lawn every day is one of the greatest mistakes a homeowner could make. The roots of your grass will become shallow and you do not need that. Wait until the soil is dry enough to resist a metal object, like a rod or something else, that is being pushed into it. When the time comes, focus on watering deeply and everything should be just fine.

4.Make sure you are not cutting your grass too short

The ideal height of your grass is achieved by following a simple rule. Always cut a third of the grass and you will keep it in perfect condition. If you cut it shorter it will start growing faster and that will increase your lawn budget significantly. Besides, higher grass means deeper roots and that makes it more resilient.

5. Plants ‘sleep’ at night

Make sure you water your lawn in the early morning. If you do it at midday, you will lose water to evaporation and at night, plants do not photosynthesize.

Follow these simple rules and you will have a lawn that neighbors will be jealous of. If you are located in Olympia, WA and you find yourself in need of a lawn care service, Tree of Life Landscaping Inc is a company that can help you with any problem you might experience.