Amazing Landscaping Designs for Small Yards.

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How to Design the Back Yard of your Dreams.

Not everybody owns large yards. As a matter of fact, most homeowners struggle with small spaces when it comes to their back yards. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t make their small backyards enjoyable and attractive. In this article you can find a few landscaping designs that make the best use of the available space while achieving incredible results.

Manicured Spring YardUp and Open.
When you’re dealing with a small backyard, you have to think open and flowing – try not to break up the space. We highly recommend installing a stone or brick patio instead of the classic wooden deck. Decks take lots of space with posts and railings – space that can be used for other, more attractive things. If you like fountains, don’t get intimidated by the small space you have. There are many options such as wall fountains or birdbaths that can replace a traditional fountain for less space.

Create an Illusion.
Just because it’s outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t use the same tricks as you use indoors to give the impression of more space. One idea is to use mirrors in order to create the illusion of more space in your backyard. When it comes to planting, use raised planters in order to make the most of available space. Also, be careful with plants labeled aggressive or invasive. You don’t want your small backyard overrun.

If you want to use invasive plants such as Sweet Woodruff, or English Ivy in a small backyard, make sure you keep them in containers. This way you keep rampant growers in check, plus, it gives you the option to rearrange your landscape anytime you want. However, pay attention to the containers you use. Although a large container may offer a dramatic focal point, too many large pots will eat up precious space.

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